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Juila Jansen is a former fashion model, now she has dedicated herself to the coaching of aspiring and upcoming child and teen models and advising their parents. You can reach her by sending an e-mail to julia@teenkidsmodels

Hans Grijs is an independent model scout. Part of his job is surfing on social media to discover new faces of all ages. You can contact him with an e-mail to hans@teenkidsmodels

We have several people helping us by writing promotional texts and for developing and maintaining our website. The website is hosted by our webmaster. You can reach him with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or a mail to Hans de Jong, NL2728DE 13, The Netherlands.


Why don't you see any address or phone numbers? We have a busy regular job, and don't want to use our employers time for non-work related matters. And our private address is ... private! But you can use the Contact us form to ask any questions. 


Teen & Kids Models gives young models and artists like actors, dancers, musicians and singers a chance to present themselves. We also show companies, institutions and individual professionals in the modeling and artistic world on this website.

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When you are interested in photos and or text, please contact the legal owner or email info@teenkidsmodels.com