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Izaiah Clemente

Izaiah is 7 years old that love to model. His modeling career start a few months ago when he won a contest to wear Mixedup clothing brand and to be featured in Kidfash Magazine. Ever since then, he has been in 6 different kids magazines. He has been getting emails by different agencies. He is currently working with National Modeling Showcase. He is looking forward to his first fashion show with them. He has also auditioned for acting and has another one coming up.

Other than doing photo shoots, he loves to spend time with his family and travel. He is energetic and a problem solver. He can work with with others or be by himself. He likes to try and learn new things. He likes having fun and eating tacos.

Instagram: @izaiahclemente.

Izaiah lives in San Francisco - California - United States . He is 7 years old. The color of his eyes is brown. Black is the natural color of his hair. Height 4”. Weight 50 lb.


  • actor
  • model
  • Experience: aspiring model

    Contact info

    Username on Instagram: @izaiahclemente

    E-mail: available on request, only for professional parties.

    Photographer: Diane Clemente

    Page photographer on Instagram: @Dianedclemente

    Izaiah Clemente
    Photography: Francis Ysip @king_kix

    Izaiah Clemente
    Photography: Lindsey Cosentino @oohsnap_photography

    Izaiah Clemente
    Photography: Diane Clemente @dianedclemente

    Izaiah Clemente
    Photography: Diane Clemente @dianedclemente


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