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Jayla Terry

HI! My name Is Jayla but my career name is “Jayla Is So Talented”. I’m was born July 4th (which makes me 17) I’m from Chicago (born & raise). I’m a upcoming YouTuber please subscribe!(channel name: Jayla is so talented),I design tons of things (such as clothing,wigs,etc.), I have a book that will soon to be published (book title: The life as a teenager), I even directed my own first (short) documentary before, I’ve been in middle school choir for 4 years (gotten awards for) & I’ve was in choir for 1 year in high school, I’ve been performing on & of stage for 5+ years now(since pre school), I’ve been on & off camera for a while now, I do photography (I do my own photos). I’m going to college to major in acting! 5 things that’s describe me is 1)Funny 2)Respectful 3)Nice 4)Friends making people & 5)Talented! My goal is to one day display my talent around the world & get notice from it(become famous:Actress). Like I always say “Be The Author Of Your Like” -Jayla.

Jayla lives in CHICAGO - Illinois - United States . She is 17 years old. The color of her eyes is brown. Black is the natural color of her hair. Height 5'3. Weight 135 lb.


  • actor
  • model
  • singer
  • Experience: aspiring model

    Contact info

    Username on Instagram: @Jayla_Is_So_Talented

    E-mail: available on request, only for professional parties.

    Photographer: Jayla

    Page photographer on Instagram: @Jayla_Is_So_Talented

    Jayla Terry
    Photography: The only way you’ll win is if I quit

    Jayla Terry
    Photography: A vibe you can’t replace

    Jayla Terry
    Photography: She turned her cant’s into cans & her dreams into plans.(I am that she)

    Jayla Terry
    Photography: It’s not just her beauty it’s her vibe


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