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Debbie Zendejas

My name is Deborah Zendejas. My passion is to model and inspire people that beauty starts from within. Confudence in anything you so is the most important thing to achieve your goals. I am a little shy but nit when it comes to a camera. My mom has always told me that cant is not a word. To alwats say i xan and try. So i am..

Debbie lives in Duarte - California - United States . She is 15 years old. The color of her eyes is hazel. Light brown is the natural color of her hair. Height 5'0. Weight 90 lbs.


  • gymnast
  • Experience: aspiring model

    Contact info

    Username on Instagram: @Debsportfolio

    E-mail: available on request, only for professional parties.

    Photographer: Nadine

    Page photographer on Instagram: @Ignite_aging

    Debbie Zendejas
    Photography: 50's Party

    Debbie Zendejas
    Photography: Chilly Morning

    Debbie Zendejas

    Debbie Zendejas


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