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Madelin Heredia Ramirez

Hello My name Is Madelin Heredia Ramirez and i am 8 years Old. I love the camera and the camera loves me. I want to be a big model and love to be recognize by orther People. My idol is elke spons and gigi hadid. I know i am going to be Big.

Madelin lives in Assen - Netherlands . She is 9 years old. The color of her eyes is brown. Dark blond is the natural color of her hair. Height 127 cm. Weight 22 kg.


  • model
  • Experience: upcoming model

    Contact info

    Username on Instagram: @madelinherediaramirez

    E-mail: available on request, only for professional parties.

    Page photographer on Instagram: @modelvote

    Madelin Heredia Ramirez

    Madelin Heredia Ramirez

    Madelin Heredia Ramirez

    Madelin Heredia Ramirez


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