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Shir Hazon

Shir Hazon is 13 years old boy, who lives in a rural village, based on southern Israel.

Shir loves pets he rais three dogs and a rabbit at home backyard, and also siamese cat and djungarian hamster at home.

Modeling came to Shir by instance, few months ago, after a friend of the parents who work as a fashion photographer,

recommended him to try out and to pose for a photograph. At the moment he started, a professional scouter of well known agency saw his portfolio and signed him immediately.


Shir lives in Arugot - Israel . He is 13 yearsold. The color of his eyes is green. Golden blond is the natural color of his hair. Height 155. Weight 49.


  • actor
  • dancer
  • model
  • Experience: experienced model

    Contact info

    Username on Instagram: @shirhazon

    E-mail: available on request, only for professional parties.


    E-mail agency: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Website agency

    Photographer: Orit Visel

    Page photographer on Instagram: @oritvisel

    Shir Hazon
    Photography: oritvisel

    Shir Hazon
    Photography: oritvisel

    Shir Hazon
    Photography: oritvisel

    Shir Hazon
    Photography: oritvisel


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