We welcome all parents or representatives of aspiring, upcoming and well-known teen and kids models and performers to register on our website. After registering you wil receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address. After confirming you can login to enter a public profile with one photo. Your public profile will be checked by us, maybe edited a bit and published. It is always possible to change the texts or to replace your photo by logging in again.


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Registration is open for parents or representatives of models and perfomers between 2 and 17 years old, and for brands, shops, professionals and organisations in the modeling and performing world.

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Your public profile contains all information we like to show about models and perfomers. After confirmation of your email addres you can create your public profile, uploading up to five photos. You may update your public profile anytime. After each update it will be the first profile showing on our Models page

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We are continually developing our website. We are adding a photo gallery, and an interview. As more photos are stored, we will need to upgrade our web hosting package. You can help us by donating a small amount, like $ 3 to $ 5. Our donors will get priority in being featured, having a photogallery and an interview! Go to this page for donating

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